Montag, 10. September 2007

First english lesson after summer break

Hallo to all!

This is my first posting after a long time and after my very short holiday. I spent my holiday in Spain on the Costa Calida. The place where I lived the two and a half weeks is called La Manga del Mar Menor. It's very nice there, because there are two seas, on is called the Mediterranean sea and the other one is called Mar Menor. I went there with the plane. I flew from Vienna over Hannover to Alicante. On the airport I rented a car and went hundred kilometer along the cost to La Manga.

During the two and a half week I made a lot of short trips through the province Murcia. I also went fishing, but I caught only two small fish. The holidays past very quickly and so I am now back in Vienna.

  • vocabularies from the unit 11

This are my results and translations:

accountant --> Buchhalter
car sales execuitve -- > Autoverkäufer
civil servant --> Beamter
estate agent --> Immobilienhändler
thrustworthy --> vertrauenswürdig, zuverlässig
a slush fund --> Schmiergeldkasse,…
insider trading --> Insider-Geschäft
whistleblower --> Skandalaufdecker

a bribe

fraud --> Betrug; Schwindel;…
law-abiding --> gesetzestreu
industrial espionage --> Wirtschaftsspion
a fraudster --> Betrüger
a bonus --> Prämie
secrecy --> Geheimnisvoll; Geheimhaltung
a cover up --> Verschleierung; Vertuschung
compensation --> Abfindung, Abgeltung
disclosure -->Offenlegung;Angabepflicht; Freigabe,…
a con artist --> Trickbetrüger
a commission -->Vermittlungsgebühr; Kommision,…
integrity --> Anstand; Integrität
controversial --> strittig; umstritten
responsibility --> Haftung, Pflicht, Zuständigkeit
corruption --> Korruption
regulation --> Regelung
transparency --> Transparenz
peer pressure --> Gruppenzwang
threats --> Drohungen
standard of living

court assigned lawyer --> gerichtlich zugewiesener Anwalt
swept under the carpet --> etwas unter den Teppich kehren

starting as an apprentice --> beginnen als Lehrling

litigation --> to be involved in a court case
to sue for money --> Geld von jemanden einklagen

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